Me, an author?

I admit it, I’ve always thought I could be a writer.  However, like so many other things in life, easier said than done.  Well, now that the electronic age has arrived, I have officially become an author, of sorts.  No literary agent, no book royalties, no book signings.  No problem.  I’m still going to call myself a writer, and hopefully my foray into the world of blogging will be well received.

The posts on this blog will hopefully serve a few purposes.  One, I get to call myself a writer.  🙂  Two, I can share my insights and experiences in the world of TDCJ, parole, etc. with anyone who cares to read them.  Perhaps my words will help others, perhaps they will entertain others, or at least keep them interested long enough to get to the end of the post.  Finally, and most importantly, it is hoped that my blog will spark an informal conversation between me and those who choose to post comments and share their own thoughts and feelings.

Let the fun begin!


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