Parole Board Member Charles Aycock Retires, Governor Appoints Replacement

I’m sure Charles Aycock has a lot more free time than he did a month ago.  I learned about a week ago that he retired and his replacement on the Board of Pardons and Paroles has already been appointed.

I will miss Mr. Aycock.  Not because he always voted the way I wanted him to, he didn’t.  I will miss him because it was obvious to me that he cared very deeply about his duties, and he was genuinely interested in hearing and understanding the information that I provided to him about my clients.  He wanted to make sure he knew as much as possible about the person who committed the crime, as well as the crime itself.  To me, that says an awful lot about Mr. Aycock’s integrity, professionalism, and that he really understood the important role of the Parole Board in the criminal justice system.

Charles Aycock was appointed to the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles in March, 2004.  I also recall that Mr. Aycock was the President of the State Bar of Texas back around 1998, when I was a newly licensed attorney.  When I met him in connection with his role as a Parole Board Member, I was pleasantly surprised at how humble and friendly was.

I hope that Mr. Aycock enjoys the next chapter in a life that has already been filled with many honors and distinctions.  I, for one, am sad to see Charles Aycock leave the Parole Board.



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