Parole Commissioner James Kiel Moves To San Antonio

Parole Commissioner James Kiel has been with the Board of Pardons and Paroles in the Palestine Board Office for the past 7 years.  He will officially begin voting parole cases out of the San Antonio Board Office very, very soon.  Perhaps even this week.

Kiel replaces Edgar Morales, who retired from the Board on or about September 1, 2011. In an earlier blog post, I guessed it would be approximately 6 to 8 weeks before the Board filled Morales’ newly vacated position.  Looks like my estimate wasn’t too far off.

I am not yet aware of who replaced Kiel up at the Palestine Board Office, but I will make it a point to find out.  Hopefully, Kiel’s replacement up in Palestine is already in place and is voting cases.  It would be a shame for there to be a two month gap in San Antonio and Palestine.  The time without Morales in San Antonio the last couple of months undoubtedly placed a strain on Board Member Juanita Gonzales and Parole Commissioner Charles Speier.



Kiel, James Paul Jr.

  • ASSIGNMENT: Palestine
  • EMPLOYED: 2004
  • EDUCATION: Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, Texas.
  • BACKGROUND: Over 20 years experience with TDCJ-Parole Division, serving as a Parole Officer, Unit Supervisor, and Assistant Regional Director; over 3 years experience with the Texas Dept. of Corrections as a Correctional Officer and Sociologist.


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