Six Parole Hearings In One Day, But One Stands Out

Today was, well, pretty unusual for me.  I had six parole hearings in one very long, very interesting day.  I cannot remember a day when I had more than three hearings.  The good news is that I’m pretty sure a good number of the clients made parole.  Yet, I am saddened that the guy who was probably the most deserving of the six will likely not make it this year.

Why?  It’s simple…I’m 90% sure that there was a protest on file from the victim’s family.  It’s not really important why I know there was a protest, suffice it to say that the Board is not allowed to divulge whether there is a protest.  Nonetheless, I’m pretty sure I’m right.  The sad thing is that, in my opinion, a parole protest pretty much guarantees that the Offender gets denied parole.

When a protest is filed, my experience is that the Board takes the path of least resistance most, if not all of the time.  That path is called “Parole Denied”.

This is a scenario that needs to be reformed.  I’m going to figure out a way someday to get the Board to release the data so that I can prove that a protest equals parole denied. I’m really not sure who’ll listen to me when I can prove I am right, but it’s an injustice that really needs to stop.





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