I LOVE “Grits For Breakfast”

I love to read. I like to write. Although I happily compose written work every single day on behalf of clients and their families, writing is much more difficult and tedious than reading, which is why I am in such awe of the blog “Grits For Breakfast”.  Nearly every single day for the past 10 years, this blog with the unusual name has put out interesting and thought-provoking blog posts.  Each and every post generally contains at least a link or two to other primary or related sources.  I learned about it 5 or 6 years ago, and I have been reading it somewhat religiously ever since. It’s my favorite blog, bar none! I’m not ashamed to admit that my own blog is high school junior varsity basketball, and “Grits” is the NBA.

Grits is the work of one man, from what I can tell.  One very, very talented, intelligent, and dedicated man, Scott Henson.  I have never met Mr. Henson, and I wouldn’t know who he was if he was standing right in front of me, although I would love to meet him someday and tell him how indebted I am to him for giving me a free daily dose of Texas criminal justice news and information for years now.  Here’s what Mr. Henson says about his own blog:

Grits for Breakfast remains an uncompensated hobby: All opinions are my own unless otherwise specified. I also maintain a seldom-updated personal blog called Huevos Rancheros. I’ve maintained Grits independently from any group or party because I want it to be place to discuss ideas in all their nuance, not just a spokesblog for this or that organization. The problems facing the criminal justice system are enormous, and we need unfettered, creative thinking to identify solutions that can work for everybody and keep us safe and free. It’s my sincere hope that Grits contributes to that process in some small way.

I do not read every single post put out by Grits, and some days I have to go back and look at the posts of the past week because I have been so busy.  However, I find myself reading a pretty high percentage of the posts, and I feel a great deal of gratitude to Grits and Mr. Henson on a regular basis.

I encourage anyone who is passionate about improving our state’s criminal justice system to read Grits religiously, and, if you are in a position to do so, consider donating to this wonderful and free resource provided by Mr. Henson.



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