Board Member in Huntsville Chosen, Questions Remain

Governor Perry has recently filled the open Board Member position in Huntsville by appointing Mr. Fred Rangel.  The Huntsville Board Office was formerly headed by Mr. Roman Chavez, who was essentially pushed out of his position the day before the indictment of Pamela Freeman.  In case you have not been following this whole mess, Ms. Freeman was indicted for a felony that she allegedly committed while in the performance of her job duties.  See my prior post for the Freeman case details.

Mr. Rangel is a really good man, and he’s an excellent choice to help restore the tarnished and dysfunctional image of the Huntsville Board Office.  Here is a nice quote from the Parole Board’s website

“Today we are pleased to share in the announcement of Governor Perry’s appointment of Federico Rangel to the position of Board Member – as one of our exemplary Parole Commissioners, we are proud to welcome Fred with our complete support and confidence,” stated Rissie Owens, Chair, Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles.

Mr. Rangel has been a Parole Commissioner since January, 2012. Additionally, he has a wealth of Criminal Justice as a past Director of the Angelina County Community Supervision, a Supervisor with the Montgomery County Juvenile Probation Department and past Project Coordinator for the Correctional Management Institute of Texas at Sam Houston State University. He is a lifetime member of the Texas Probation Association and a past member of the American Probation and Parole Association and the American Correctional Association.

Mr. Rangel has a Bachelor’s degree in Criminology and Corrections along with a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Sam Houston State University.”


Now that Mr. Rangel is in Huntsville, there are still some unanswered questions.

First, will the position Ms. Freeman formerly held (and currently still holds?) be filled by a more deserving and qualified candidate?  And if so, when?  Second, will Mr. Rangel’s newly vacated Parole Commissioner position in Angleton be filled quickly?  Finally, if Mr. Rangel’s former position in Angleton is filled, but Ms. Freeman’s is not, should we assume that Ms. Owens is actually considering bringing Ms. Freeman back?

It will be worth watching all of this very closely, and rest assured, I will be paying very close attention to all of this as long as there is any scenario where there is even a remote possibility that Pamela Freeman will ever vote another parole case.

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